LiWiCalc® - THE high-speed Litz Wire Calculator for power losses

LiWiCalc® is the fastest and most accurate software calculating all dominant power losses on realistic litz wire geometries. In cooperation with Fraunhofer IISB you can calculate a selected number of PACK HF LitzWire with your parameters here. Further optional parameters and LitzWire can be calculated by our service team. Just write to us at

Highly realistic models of circular or square litz wire cross-sections with copper fill factors greater 50% using an innovative Voronoi-based twisting structure. Demo version limited to: No allowance to change optional settings. The number of strands is limited to 300 on 2 geometry levels. The model size is restricted to a wire length of 50 mm. For further calculations, please contact us at

LiWiCalc® - THE high-speed Litz Wire Calculator

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